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Unlocking Your Way to Funding with Credit Restoration

The Ultimate Proven Process to repair your credit for a Loan Approval.

Get a Free Consultation Today

No monthly fees ever
Takes 3 minutes

Average customer credit score 

before relief


Average Debt/Collections

balance customers owe

Increase Approvals

The goal is to increase approval odds with lenders in 45 days

Say goodbye to the stress of being denied

Credit relief is available, get back on track
Improve Fico Score

Increase your scores and revisit your lender for approval

Score Requirements

Banks have increased the scores required for loans. Time to increase yours

Save your home

Keep your title, increase equity, and keep your dream alive.

Don't delay get qualified today
No monthly fees ever, takes 3 minutes

Listen to what homeowners have to say...

"WeDu Credit was awesome to work with throughout the entire process. All of the work was completed by the mitigators and there were no hidden secrets. I'm for ever thankful!"

Jason S.

"WeDu Credit team was professional from start to finish. I could not be more proud of the decision I made to work with the team until we received my offer. Thank you 100X's!"

Pierre P.

"I literally had ignored all calls from my lender thinking my situation would somehow fix itself. If you are facing foreclosure you need to contact WeDu Credit today and don't waste another second. You can thank them later!"

Margaret T.

"I was behind on my payments by 8 months and I knew I could not rely on the covid reason. I had to do something quick. The team answered all of my questions and allowed me to have hope. I highly recommend them!"

Brianna H.

"Every time I called I received an answer for what I was looking for. If they did not have it on the spot, they called back with the results. Great Job!

Jeff J.

"I do not know where I would be today if it had not been for that call I received extending help to me at the right time. I could not have negotiated a better deal honestly. Much respect to your team and your processors.!"

Conti G.

How it works

There are millions of people feeling the pinch of rising interest rates and inflation which has caused them to fall behind on their credit. Banks have also increased their qualification standards which is the reason why we have a plan for you.


FREE Credit Specialists Consultation 

Everyone has a reason why they are behind on their credit. Tell us your side of the story so we understand your journey.


Proprietary Document preparation 

Here is where we review every negative reporting account on your credit. Our proprietary process goes into effect as soon as we have identified errors and mistakes within each report. 


Submit verification documents to bureaus

Did you know there are more than 3 bureaus? Most consumers only know about Equifax, Experian, and Transunion when in fact there are over 6 that we send documents to in order to assist your case


Take back control of your credit

Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the law which gives consumers the rights to dispute inaccurate information found within their reports. The bureaus must respond in 30 days by law or file an extension of an additional 15 days. Once your process is complete, you can return to your lender to seek an approval. 

Get approved and save your home today
No monthly fees ever, takes 3 minutes
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